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The Scientific Research Institute of the Faculty of Arts

Znanstvenoraziskovalni inštitut Filozofske fakultete, i.e. The Scientific Research Institute of the Faculty Of Arts, was established in order to coordinate scientific research at the Faculty.


The research potential of the Faculty of Arts is not limited to providing support for pedagogical work, but encompasses research which is of national importance since it develops fundamental knowledge regarding the Slovene domain, its periods and people, as well as their culture and cultural creativity. Such research work is linked with research in the European sphere on multiple levels and by means of some of its achievements it reaches the peak of global knowledge in the fields of the humanities and social sciences.

The research programme of the Faculty was first formulated in the spring of 1979, and was named Researching Cultural Creativity in Slovenia, which is deemed to be the beginning of the specialised functioning of the Institute. The programme, comprising basic research in the humanities (in philosophy, history, archeology, ethnology, linguistics, literature, musicology, art history, and geography) and the social sciences (in education, sociology, and psychology) was established in broad terms, and realising it was only possible by engaging a range of external collaborators employed in other institutions in Slovenia.

Today the Institute brings together 500 researchers, over half of whom are currently working on research projects (280). One aspect of the Institute’s multifaceted activities is the organisation of scientific meetings and symposiums; as the largest scientific research institution in the humanities and social sciences, the Institute is often a partner in the organisation and presentation of the results of scientific research work.

The achievements of researchers at the Institute include a number of monographs, many of which are international scientific publications issued by the most prestigious global publishers. The Institute has also developed its own publishing activities, which it has carried out since 1980; the beginnings were modest, but within five years the series Razprave FF, i.e. Discussions – Faculty of Arts, began to be published, and today amounts to 160 publications.

Furthermore, the Institute has been the co-publisher and co-financer of a number of publications issued by other publishers or within the framework of the publishing activities of other cultural and scientific institutions. The share of co-financing for the translation of publications or individual articles by our colleagues issued abroad is also significant.

Research work, which has been and remains a pillar of the development of the Faculty, facilitates numerous interconnections and opportunities for interdisciplinarity. Since 2004, the Faculty of Arts has participated in dozens of bilateral international scientific projects and other international projects, some of which are co-financed by the European Union.

In the last five years, the Faculty’s collaborators have received more than 40 important national and international awards in the field of science, including the Honorary Order of Merit, (Slovenia); the Order of the Star of Italian Solidarity, the European Language Label, the Order of Academic Palms (France), the Order of the Rising Sun (Japan), the Knight's Cross of the Order of Merit (Poland), the Expert of the Month at the European Research Centre on Multilingualism and Language Learning, the Zois Prize, other significant awards given by national professional associations, etc.